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Supporting people impacted by Complex Chronic Illness.

Towards Wellness Programme

Purpose Statement

To learn foundation principles to assist participants to navigate the ME/CFS/FM journey and create an individual road-map to support increasing health and wellness.

Endorsed by NZ’s leading authority on CFS/ME in NZ, Doctor Ros Vallings.

Course Structure

Two hours fortnightly (in total 10 workshops) based at the premises of Complex Chronic Illness Support, with a follow-on 5 workshops to reinforce key learnings and equip participants with the skills to run their own group independently moving forward.


  • Charlotte Kelp (Health & Wellness Facilitator)
  • Tabitha Ramsay (Health & Wellness Facilitator)
  • Tracey Larsen (Health & Wellness Facilitator)
  • Karen Maxwell (Wellness Facilitator)

Guest Speakers

  • Nutritional Coach
  • Physiotherapist
  • General Practitioner

Towards Wellness - Series One

  1. ME Basics 1 – Understanding the Condition
  2. ME Basics 2 – Systems & Phases
  3. Pacing – Balancing Activity & Rest
  4. Stress Management – Calming a Maladaptive Stress Response
  5. The Journey of Acceptance
  6. Pain Management / A GP’s Perspective
  7. Nutrition / Gut Health
  8. Restorative Movement
  9. Sleep / Building Your Support Network
  10. The Foundational Principles to Support Healing

Towards Wellness - Series Two

  1. Mind-Emotion Connection
  2. Healing vs Stressed States
  3. Resting as a Strength
  4. Expressing Your Needs
  5. Continuing independent group work moving forward

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