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In 2023, there were notable developments in the research and treatment of Long-COVID and ME / CFS. While challenges persisted, including the underwhelming progress of the RECOVER Initiative, promising trends emerged.

Key highlights include the establishment of post-infectious / neuroimmune centres, the development of a new tool for these diseases, and collaboration between MEAction and the Mayo Clinic to enhance ME / CFS approaches.

The intertwined nature of Long-COVID and ME / CFS became more apparent, and despite reduced NIH funding, the CDC’s study indicating higher prevalence may boost support.

Noteworthy research findings include the discovery of a mitochondrial abnormality (WASF3) in ME / CFS1 and the identification of high serotonin levels in Long-COVID. A potential diagnostic tool using Raman spectroscopy2 and the PolyBio Foundation’s significant funding for post-infectious disease studies, including ME / CFS, were also highlighted.

The RECOVER Initiative faced criticism for its underwhelming output in its third year, with concerns raised about the trial package and funding challenges. Despite setbacks, hope remains for its future impact, especially with a $200 million funding injection.

In the treatment landscape, several innovative approaches were explored, including the OMF’s LDN-Mestinon trial3, the potential use of nicotine patches4, and MEAction’s advocacy leading to the Mayo Clinic’s acceptance of ME / CFS as a major illness5.

Advocacy initiatives like the NIH Roadmap6 for ME / CFS and Solve M.E.’s pursuit of an NIH Institute of Post-Infectious Diseases7 highlighted efforts to elevate ME / CFS’s standing and secure more funding. The Lives Interrupted project emphasised the personal toll of these diseases.

While challenges persist, the year demonstrated progress in understanding, diagnosing, and treating Long-COVID8 and ME / CFS, with a hopeful outlook for continued advancements in the field.

Lastly in 2023, Rachel Riggs whipped up something awesome – The ME / CFS Cookbook9. It’s all about tasty and nutrient-packed meals and desserts that make it a breeze for folks with food sensitivities to enjoy a delicious feast. Plus, the best part? You won’t need to spend ages in the kitchen – Quick and easy, just the way we like it!

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