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Summer is almost over but some will still struggle with heat and will need tools to help cool you down.

Managing temperature fluctuations, especially heat, makes living with ME / CFS /  FM / LC and POTS more difficult.  Whilst some of you may enjoy living with reduced symptom loads due to the heat, many struggle with the heat exacerbating symptoms significantly.  Sleeping at night is also difficult, which only adds to
fatigue levels.

One of our Waikato members shared that she received a cooling towel as a gift for Christmas and is finding it excellent. It was purchased from Rebel Sports for approximately $10, but they are also available at other retailers too.

Other New Zealand outlets that offer a variety of cooling towels include MacPac, Active Nation, Withers & Co (Christchurch), Active Safety (Auckland), Zenjo (Auckland), and if you are confident enough to order online from overseas, Temu has packs of three at very reasonable prices too.

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