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ANZMES speaks to parliament

You can watch it here: https://fb.watch/khpmwwAaJR/ (minute: 39:29)

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Key points for you to please understand and consider:

  • ME is a disabilityPost Exertional Malaise – the cardinal symptom of ME causes symptom exacerbation which is often misunderstood and makes levels of disability difficult to assess without adequate knowledge and education of the condition.
  • When you understand PEM you understand that pwME have to choose between making a meal and attending an appointment outside of the home. They have to choose between taking a shower and doing laundry. It is a constant battle between tasks and the energy capacity to function enough to carry out those tasks.
  • ME is a disability because of this energy limited capacity. It is a condition that impairs the ability to function on a regular basis both cognitively and physically and this frequently confines people to their home and beds, causing unemployment and an inability to perform basic tasks of daily life.
  • ME/CFS is a disability. There is no known cure. For many it is lifelong.
  • ME is a disabilityIt fits the definition, Whaikaha has also submitted that ME fits the definition.
  • The United Nations report to the government recommends that people with ME/CFS should have access to the disability support system and be included in disability policies and programs.
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