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Long-Term Conditions Virtual Forum 2022

Recorded On 11 Aug 2022 11:30 AM

Recording can be found here: HEALTH NAVIGATOR

The ongoing burden of long Covid will be one of this generation’s disability challenges, Paula Tesoriero, the Disability Rights Commissioner says. Many people with long Covid are likely to meet the “definition” of disability. However, the focus of COVID is only now just turning towards long COVID. Whilst at CCI Support, we have been focussed on what we knew would be the legacy of this pandemic.
CCI Support is community-based support for individuals and our focus is on the community response for post viral illnesses, such as ME/CFS and Long COVID.
As Paula Tesoriero explained at the long COVID symposium; Support needs to be based on need, not the origin of a person’s impairment, and focused on what enables people to live a good life. This is the focus of the resources and supports provided by Complex Chronic Illness Support.


  • Miranda Whitwell, CEO, Complex Chronic Illness Support
  • Annabelle OCinnseala, Facilitator, Complex Chronic Illness Support
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