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Here we are again, about to come out of COVID-19 level 3 and back to level 2.  What does this mean for CCI Support? The offices at Fraser St Tauranga will be open from Thursday (most of us have school-aged children and they don’t start back again till Thursday).  NO group meetings will be happening in person until Level 1, but we do encourage you to join us online on THURSDAY 9th for the Member’s meeting – details below. Your Health and Wellness Facilitator will be there and the topic is an important one. BOUNDARIES!! Such an important one, no matter where you are on your journey.

We are completely aware that whilst many of our clients/members are most comfortable in ‘lockdown’ (doesn’t it take that pressure off a bit to not ‘go out’), we are also aware that reintegration AFTER the lockdown is particularly difficult for some.  If you need extra support, please make contact with your Facilitator.

I’ve also written a bit of a pondering… feel free to check it out under the Blog!!

Take care


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