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Research Update on Fibromyalgia (FM), 2021

The Third International Virtual Congress on Fibromyalgia was held in June 2021.  Eleanor Stein MD FRCP(C) was there and captures the essence of this new research. She states that latest research discusses Neuroplasticity and how FM pain is now classified as a nociplastic primary pain disorder. The primary cause of pain in FM is hyperactive pain processing in the brain and spinal cord. Pain researchers Lorimer Moseley and David Butler state that 100% of chronic or persistent pain is caused by the brain and not the body. In other words, all chronic pain is nociplastic.

Neuroplasticity is the change of brain structure and function throughout the lifespan in response to experience. Everything we think, feel and do influences our neuronal connections in real-time. Neuroplasticity helps all animals who have neurons adapt to changes in their circumstances.  Neuroplasticity can change brain function for the better or worse. It can cause problems and can help us reverse them.

For decades, pain sufferers have been told they need to learn to manage or cope with their symptoms because there is no cure. Approved pain medications are woefully inadequate and sometimes cause side effects that are difficult to tolerate. However, the author states there is now evidence to suggest that by putting neuroplasticity into action can reverse persistent pain.

This is an exciting research finding, read more about this here https://www.eleanorsteinmd.ca/blog/fibromyalgia-is-nociplastic

Synopsis written by Tracey Health & Wellness Facilitator – Waikato


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