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Post-meeting recording can be found here: Long Covid – are we taking it seriously enough?

Wednesday 3 April, 12pm-1.15pm

Join us for an expert discussion on long Covid.

As the public focus on Covid-19 has waned and the public has largely returned to ‘normal’, many patients and health experts worry that the debilitating burden of long Covid is going unacknowledged. Public efforts to reduce transmission have largely stalled, yet each new case of long Covid has a profound and potentially life-long impact on patients and their whānau, as well as on our wider health and economic system.

Join our expert panel Michael BakerPaula LorgellyWarren Tate and Jenene Crossan as they explore several important questions:

  • More than four years after Covid-19 made itself known, what do we know about long Covid and how to treat it?
  • How does the condition impact New Zealanders and their quality of life? Do we know the size of the problem, and who is most affected?
  • Are patients getting the support they need?
  • What policy and public health interventions are needed to reduce the risks of more people developing long Covid, and to help support those who have it already?
  • Where do we go from here? Is the government taking this seriously?
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