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Review done by Facilitator Tracey Larsen

It is fair to say Dr Vallings knows a thing or two about ME/CFS.  She was known as one of New Zealand’s leading authorities on ME/CFS before retiring from her practice in November 2022. Whilst serving the ME/CFS community through her GP practice in Howick, Auckland since 1966, she also was a member of the International Association for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (IACFS/ME); editorial board member of the International Journal of CFS; and past president to the Associated New Zealand ME Society (ANZMES). She continues, post-retirement, to present at conferences and is the medical advisor at ANZMES.

She has also written several books herself, that have become “bible-like” to many of the ME/CFS community. First published in 2012, 2020 saw a fully revised and updated edition to include discussion on post-viral syndromes, following the event of COVID-19.

Dr Rosamund Vallings has been helping people with this condition for more than 40 years. Drawing on the latest international diagnostic guidelines, she describes the process for accurate diagnosis, and the difficulties entailed. She clearly explains all aspects of the illness, and how it affects the body’s many systems and functions. Dr Vallings has thoughtfully chaptered this book into different sections – What is ME/CFS, The Systems of the body, Management, Stages of Life, and Living with ME/CFS. Each chapter summarises key points, FAQ and where to go from here, pointing you to relevant chapters for extra information, to link it all together.  A brilliant reference book to have at your fingertips as a quick reference guide. Not a heavy read, but light and simple, which serves well for those who struggle with low energy and brain fog.

CCI Support has numerous copies of this book available to loan for those interested in reading it. Contact us at 07 281 1481 or 0800 224 787 or email [email protected]    

It is well worth owning a copy, so if you would like to purchase it go to http://www.drvallings.co.nz/  Dr Vallings has also written Managing ME CFS – A Guide For Young People and The Pocket Guide To Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME Key Facts And Tips For Improved Health.


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