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A practical guide to overcoming chronic fatigue, adrenaline fatigue syndrome
and chronic low energy, by a renowned health expert.

Written by Alex Howard

Alex Howard had CFS at the age of 16.  He somehow found his way to recovery and created the Optimal Health Clinic in the UK.  Alex uses a 12 step plan to heal people. “Fatigue is like a puzzle. Certain steps will be critical for some and may not be important for somebody else”, he says. “If this approach can help someone go from completely debilitated to normal functioning then, for someone with mild symptoms, it’s a much easier path”.

Step 1: Take responsibility

Step 2: Get an accurate diagnosis

Step 3: Understand the role of your mitochondria

Step 4: Understand your personality

Step 5: Create an environment for healing

Step 6: Get in a healing state

Step 7: Optimise your digestion

Step 8: Balance your hormones

Step 9: Support your immune system

Step 10: Discover your baseline

Step 11: Optimise your food

Step 12: Manage your team


There is a companion video course to go with this book:  www.alexhoward.com/fatigue.  You will need to sign in but can then access videos for each chapter.


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