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“Why you feel the way you feel”

Candace B. Pert, PH.D.

Candace Pert was the neuroscientist who first discovered the Opiate Receptor in the brain and unlocked our understanding of the neurotransmitters which are the chemical basis for feels and emotions in the brain. In this book which was first published in 1997 she goes into some detail about the scientific community, how she was overlooked as a woman working in science and her ongoing love of neuroscience. I must say I have found the book interesting but a little hard to come back to, as it uses a lot of floral language and often seems to head off on tangents. If you are interested in learning about the chemicals which make up the brains experience of emotions and hear about a female scientist and her journey in this male-dominated sphere then you will enjoy Molecules of Emotion. I will be back in the Tauranga library shortly.

Elizabeth ~ CCIS Field Officer


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