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“Living Well with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia” is a comprehensive and accessible guide that serves as a great starting point for those seeking information on these conditions. Written in a clear and organised manner, the book covers a wide range of topics without sacrificing coherency.

One of the book’s strengths lies in its in-depth exploration of the intricate details of CFS / ME / FM. The author explains the
underlying causes, including the workings of the immune system and the origins of various symptoms. Despite the complexity of these subjects, the author avoids overwhelming readers with technical jargon.

The author’s discussion on the causes of CFS / ME / FM covers all the commonly known factors, such as bacterial and viral infections, as well as candidiasis. However, where the book truly shines is in its exploration of the effects of CFS / ME / FM. The author delves into topics such as immune system dysfunction, endocrine disorders, central nervous system dysfunction and allergies and chemical sensitivities. It is evident that the author has a deep interest and expertise in these areas, which is reflected in the thorough research conducted.

One drawback of the book is the author’s tendency to group CFS / ME and Fibromyalgia together as one illness. While there may be overlapping symptoms, research studies have shown that they are distinct conditions.

Additionally, the author’s coverage of treatments is lacking, with only brief mentions of some treatments and the omission of others. Therefore, the subtitle of the book, “What your doctor doesn’t tell you,” may be misleading, as specialised CFS / ME specialists are likely to provide more comprehensive information on treatments.

Despite these shortcomings, “Living Well with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia” serves as a valuable introductory resource. However, it is advisable for readers with either CFS / ME or Fibromyalgia to continue exploring other books that delve deeper into these conditions.

Reviewed by Luisa (Wellington Health & Wellness Facilitator)

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