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Written by Tracie White with Ronald W Davis PhD

At the age of 27, a mysterious illness began to eat away at Whitney Dafoe. It stole away the strength of his legs, then his voice and his ability to eat, until even the sound of a footstep in his room became unbearable. For years, he underwent endless medical tests until finally receiving a diagnosis: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

This book is based on the story of Ron Davis, PhD – A world class geneticist at Stanford University, whose legendary research helped crack the code of DNA, who suddenly changed the course of his career in a race against time to find a cure for his son’s debilitating condition.

The author (Tracie White) illustrates how misunderstood CFS / ME can be, and captures Dafoe’s illness and Davis’ work in a heartbreaking story that shows ME / CFS in a new light. It is dedicated not just to the father and son in the story, but anyone who has endured an undiagnosed chronic illness and has been dismissed by medical professionals. The author depicts the journey of acceptance of this disease, reminding the readers that our lives can change in an instant, and those who we love can band together to withstand the challenges that come with that.

It is a great read for people who are wanting to learn more about CFS / ME, as it is well written and deeply moving.

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