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Although some 15 years since publication, I found this book to be insightful and still very relevant today.  Dr Natelson validates the reader from page 1 onwards, showing compassion and understanding for people with ongoing pain, fatigue, difficulty thinking and concentrating, and many more symptoms that members of CCI Support will be familiar with. Throughout the book, Dr Natelson reassures the reader that their symptoms are real, and sets about empowering the reader to take charge of their health.  There are many helpful suggestions including stress relief options (yoga, tai chi, breathwork for example), sleep improvement suggestions, complementary therapies and medications.  Dr Natelson shares his tips for finding a suitable health practitioner and encourages the reader to trust their instincts with this. There is a thorough, easy to comprehend explanation of the Autonomic Nervous System, and the Immune System too. I would recommend this book as an empowering tool providing good information and education.

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