Welcome to July! How did we get here? The year really is flying by……..

I hope you are all keeping warm as the weather is turning more and more chilly every day. It kind of makes us want to cocoon a little, which is understandable (and sometimes good for our health). If you feel like a butterfly who might need to cocoon before coming out again, please remember that you can get your dose of social groups online too 😊

I was also thinking this month about the little things that we all enjoy! For some, it might be a cup of warm tea in a winter’s day, for others it might be jumping into bed with freshly changed sheets, or having a cuddle with your pet, or perhaps enjoying the smell of rain. There is actual science behind this, and we call this practice “savouring”.  Savouring is when you intentionally turn towards and absorb as much of a pleasant experience as you can. There is no minimum bar for savouring, and as I mentioned above, you can focus on these experiences, and actively seek them out,  such as enjoying your fist sip of coffee in the morning. Research shows that savouring has a positive effect on our brain, helps improve our mental health, and even has health benefits which can help you change how you feel in your body.

What are the things that you “savour” the most? For me, I absolutely love the smell of crisp cold days, with full bright sunshine and blue skies! There is nothing quite like it 😊

I hope that you all have a restful July, and I’m always here if you would like to talk. It is always lovely hearing from you all, so feel free to share what you have “savoured” recently.

Nga Mihi Aroha,