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Shampoo Cap


Shampoo Caps simplify comprehensive hair care through a single-use, rinse-free approach, leaving hair smelling fresh, towel-dried, and ready for styling in one step.

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Shampoo Caps facilitate complete hair care in a one-step disposable, rinse-free format that leaves hair smelling fresh, towel dry and ready for styling.

1 cap per pack

Disposable, convenient, and swift – no water, no fuss, no changing wet sheets

High moisture content, includes shampoo and conditioner

Usable at hot, cold, or room temperature

Packaged in a single-use format to prevent drying

Eliminates the necessity for hair-washing tools and water-filled bowls, reducing risks around patient-care equipment

Decreases health and safety hazards by eliminating the need to lift or relocate patients or equipment

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