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Greetings from the east.

The year is rushing by in the Eastern bay. We have been enjoying good attendance numbers at the monthly meetings and were excited to celebrate May Awareness with an Info Sharing Afternoon on the 12th. We had several speakers which was an informative and fun afternoon!

Really encouraging to see our membership continue to grow, its great to have new members join the group and bring in their new energy and personalities. Over the years I have noticed that people tend to need several nudges to join groups like ours, and since we do not have an advertising budget, the best way to spread the message that we are here to help is via word of mouth. So next time you hear about someone who is living with ME/CFS, FM, POTS or Orthostatic issues, please mention CCIS and the mahi that we do.

Recently Tabitha Ramsey, Lakes FO and I were very privileged to interview Dr Rosamund Vallings and Dr Sarah Dalziel as part of CCISS future projects. I was once again reminded of Ros’s knowledge, empathy, and generosity to our community. Sarah is a very experienced GP, who also brings a special interest in ME/CFS to her work and understanding of the power of good self-management. It is wonderful to be part of a community which has such strong members, they are a real asset to each patient and to the wider community.

Ka kite ano au i a koutou, Elizabeth


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