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Hi everyone,

This month we are very happy to have welcomed Marika into our team of Health & Wellness Facilitators. Marika will be supporting our national members along with myself.

I have enjoyed connecting with many of you in recent weeks, and we have welcomed many new members from all over New Zealand as well. Thank you to all of you who have renewed your membership with us, I am looking forward to catching up with you soon.

We have had positive feedback from members who have been using www.healthpost.co.nz to order products. Healthpost offers a live chat function where it is possible to speak to a naturopath about various supplements. This can be very helpful when trying to determine which option is right for you. Healthpost offers a 10% discount code to members of CCI Support which can be found in the members area of our website, www.ccisupport.org.nz. We are very grateful to Healthpost for providing support to our members in this way.

School holidays are upon us, this is a lovely time to connect with our children and wider whanau, remembering to take time to rest as and when you can, to keep those energy envelopes topped up. Small rest periods of 10 minutes can really make a difference.

Remember to reach out if you are needing information or support, I am here to help, and I will always respond as quickly as I can.

Keep taking good care of yourself,


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