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Well, It’s been a few months of hibernation for me in the Lakes District. The winter has been a bit cold and wet, with pollen from all the pines spreading in the winds. I hope you are managing to keep warm, and your allergies are fairing better than mine are.

My winter garden is however doing well. I managed to grow broccoli, cauli, cabbage, spinach, carrots and Brussel sprouts. Though I am ready for some warmer weather. It’s been a great reminder to eat healthily and eat what’s in season. Keeping my diet healthy helps to manage my pain levels, though a few pieces of cake have sneaked in. If anyone has some lovely recipes for nourishing winter meals I would love to hear them, [email protected]

With member meetings on hold in Rotorua, I’m excited to catch up with everyone at the upcoming coffee group meeting. It will be nice to gather and socialise. Our membership is slowly growing which is very exciting. Remember we do have online members meeting which you are all welcome to join.

Keep well and if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out and make contact. You can phone or text me on 020 4017 9091 or email me at [email protected]

Tabitha  –  Health & Wellness Facilitator

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