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The weather is certainly warming up … Daylight savings is with us once again, giving us an extra hour and Labour Day has been and gone … Summer is just around the corner.

I recently read an article about Dr Tedros Ghebreyesus, who is the Director General of the World Health Organisation.  On the 12th of October, Dr Ghebreyesus wrote an editorial for UK based Guardian newspaper, which outlined the devastation that Long-COVID is causing all over the world.  Dr Ghebreyesus said that with more research being carried out into Long-COVID, it is becoming clearer that those suffering with Long-COVID actually meet the criteria for a diagnosis of ME / CFS.  Dr Ghebreyesus has reached out to experts in ME / CFS, hoping that they will share their knowledge around ME / CFS and that will be able to help those with suffering from Long-COVID – An interesting connection by one of the worlds leading medical authorities.

It seems to have snuck up on us this year, but it is once again time to start planning for our Christmas get-togethers and functions.  Keep a look out for more on that, heading your way later this month.

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