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Hi everyone,

I hope the Spring weather has found you in your neck of the woods! We have just had Labour Weekend, which for some may have been a nice time to connect with friends and family, and for others an extra day to rest up and get set for the lead up to the Christmas Season.

When thinking ahead to Christmas, it can be a good idea to begin planning how you will approach plans with others. Communicating your needs and setting boundaries around what is expected from you. Adding an extra rest break each day leading up to Christmas (Pre-emptive resting) is beneficial for adding energy into your energy envelope, along with planning some quiet days after the Christmas rush is over.

Hydration is something to be mindful of as the weather warms up, aiming for 2 – 3 litres of water each day, and adding in electrolytes to help with symptom management. Electrolytes can be prescribed by your GP or sourced from pharmacies or health stores. A reminder that www.healthpost.co.nz offers a discount of 10% for CCI Support members for supplements such as electrolytes, and many more products. This discount code can be found in the CCIS Members section of our website www.ccisupport.org.nz under the tab “Membership Discounts”.

You will also find video presentations of past Monthly Members Meetings in the members area of our website, with topics such as Sleep, Pacing, Pre-emptive Resting, Brain Fog.

I look forward to meeting with more of you soon, in the meantime please continue to take good care of yourselves and enjoy the Spring sunshine.



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