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Hello everyone,

We are now well into spring, even if it doesn’t always feel like it! It has brought some very mixed weather; I hope you have not been overly impacted by the winds and the rain. Despite this, it is always lovely to see the world wake up a bit and the flowers start to emerge.

If you love gardening but are finding it difficult to do as much as you normally would, pot plants can be an accessible way to keep using those green thumbs (My pot plants tend to live short and sad lives, so much respect to any of you that can keep them alive!)

You might find yourself a bit more tired this week after our daylight savings change. It can be a big disruption to our sleep routine, so remember to be gentle with yourself and allow yourself to rest when you need it. If you are struggling with your sleep, try to get ten minutes outside in the morning to help set your circadian rhythm, and remember to stay off devices in the hour or so before bedtime. Some breathing exercises, meditation or a short, slow bedtime yoga can also help calm our systems down for sleep.

I’ve been lucky enough to attend a few different social groups this month, it has been so fantastic to meet more of our members and get to know you all a bit better. I feel like I learn something new every time, whether it is a new health tip from one of our members or even just the best way to make coffee!

I hope you have a wonderful month, and I look forward to connecting with you all again soon.


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