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I hope you are all keeping dry and warm. As I write this today, parts of NZ are in a state of emergency with severe flooding, so my thoughts go out to any of our clients who are stranded or who have evacuated in the Tairawhiti Gisborne and Hawkes Bay regions. My thoughts are with you.

For those is the Waikato, it sure was nice to see some rain to drench our parched land. However, with it comes some unsettled temperatures – one minute feeling cold and clammy, the next, humid and sweaty. So my thought go to you to, as you manage your symptoms that the temperature fluctuations triggers.

It is great to see the mandates are about to be lifted.  I look forward to reconnecting in person at our social groups sometime soon, however this depends on how you are feeling about reintegrating back into the public. The membership renewal form asks this question so we can gage when it is a good time to re-establish these group meeting. In the meantime, zoom social groups are working well, so will be happy to keep these going for the time being.

Nga mihi

Take care, until next time


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