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We are in the middle of spring and the season is turning on its finest display of weather. “Spring adds new life and new beauty to all that is” – Jessica Harrelson, seems very apt today. I do hope you are all able to enjoy at least some moments of these amazing days sitting in the garden or on the deck in the sunshine to soak up nature’s beauty.

Covid -19 is still playing havoc with our freedoms for many of my Waikato community. Until we are back in Level 1, no education support groups, or social groups will resume. I am SO missing you all!!  It has been great to see some of you who have joined our online monthly members meetings. For those who would like to join in but are yet to get your head around the technology, please let me know. I am happy to do a zoom test run just with you, so you get the feel of it.

With the end of year quickly approaching I will be arranging a zoom social meeting for our Waikato community, if we haven’t reached level one by then. Please keep an eye out on your inbox for the link. This will be scheduled for early December and there will be a Christmas theme, so dress up by putting on a Santa hat, or drape some tinsel around your shoulders, or just wear red if that is all you have. Bring a cuppa along and let’s mingle and jingle online!!  I look really look forward to reconnecting with you then.

Until then, take care

Nga mihi Tracey Larsen


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