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The ME/CFS/FM Coronavirus Vaccine Side Effects Poll Update + the New Severely Ill Vaccine Side-Effects Poll

Note the poll can be taken online and has been taken to find out how other people with ME/CFS and/or FM fared with their coronavirus vaccination in Health Rising’s Coronavirus Vaccine Side Effects Poll.

  • The Vaccines are effective at preventing Covid-19 from causing hospitalisation/death
  • Most people are reporting mild or non-existant symptoms with the first Pfizer vaccine
  • The second Pfizer vaccine is producing more symptoms, most recovering within a week
  • People with ME/CFS/FM reported that recovery from actually having the virus was often difficult. 40% reporting not being back to baseline 3 months later
  • Most people are having a far easier time getting over any side effects from the vaccine than getting over the coronavirus.
  • Early data suggests that long haulers might benefit from getting vaccinated.

by Cort Johnson | Mar 17, 2021

The original article can be found here:  https://www.healthrising.org/blog/2021/03/17/coronavirus-vaccine-poll-chronic-fatigue-fibromyalgia-severely-ill/

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