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Kia ora and welcome from the mighty Waikato,

My goodness, it feels like the year is speeding up as it nears the end. Only four weeks to go (At the time of writing this) until CCI Support closes to break for Christmas and our summer holidays. It has been an interesting year, so I look forward to catching my breath and taking the time to reflect on what has been and plan for what is to come, next year.

I have enjoyed meeting my new clients and connecting with our existing clients over different platforms this year. There is much research that states the importance of connection with others for mental and general health. We recognise it is difficult for many to attend local social group meetings, so we are now providing more online group meetings to support connection with others. Having a tribe who gets you, understands the complexities of what you are living with, and with whom you can share ideas and strategies, is so incredibly precious! See our website for details on the different groups and register your interest.

I feel it important to mention that I am constantly in awe of the resilience of the human spirit. I see it week in and week out with you all; how you manage to make the best of what life has dealt you, with the losses, challenges and changes you face. So, as you reflect on the year that has been, do acknowledge and celebrate your own strength, inner wisdom and power to make the choices you have made in your health journey. No matter how small the step, be sure to celebrate the glimmers, sparkling moments and wins!

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and safe and restful holidays. Our office closes on the 21 December 2023 and reopens 9 January 2024. I return to work a little later in January, so for any support prior to then please contact the office on 07 281 1481 or 0800 224 787. Please see our website for any resources and symptom management strategies and for contact details for urgent or crisis support, should you need it, over the period we are closed.

Ka kite,


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