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Kia ora and welcome from the Mighty Waikato!

Today, I am reflecting on how wonderful it is that people continue to reach out to us for support for their complex health conditions. It is always a humbling privilege to be invited into people’s lives and offer the support that we do.

But I just wish I could do more! I was hoping to win that $33M in Lotto this week. My oh my … What good could come out of that to help our community!! Home help would be at the top of my list! I am excited to share that I have a meeting coming up with Disability Support Link (DSL – Waikato DHB’s equivalent to NASC – Needs Assessment Services Co-ordination that is offered in other regions). I will be educating the staff about the impacts and difficulties our community face with the activities of daily living. I will be educating them about how many of you must weigh up what you spend your energy on each day. Will it be a shower today or a meal? A shower today or a trip to the GP? A shower today or change the bedding Will it be a shower today or a phone call with Mum?

The criteria for home help support is that there must be a need for hands-on personal care support (Showering). If we can demonstrate that members of our community require support with showering, then we can be considered for home help support. If you are delaying your showering because you must choose to spend your energy on something else, this can potentially be a foot in the door for home help funding. If you have any questions or would like a referral made to DSL, please be in touch with me.

Have a great day,


P.S. I truly hope it was one of our community who won Lotto!!

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