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Kia ora to all of our beautiful Wellington members,

It is the beginning of July and we are officially well into our winter! We have enjoyed some beautiful days of sunshine, which I have been really grateful for. I hope that you are all keeping well, as there seems to be a lot of winter bugs going around.

Thank you to all the members who have taken the time to speak to me this month, it has been lovely to catch up with you all on the phone and in person at some of the Wellington meetings, as well as the online meetings.

One of the things I often talk about is our capacity cups and chronic illness, and how often we are pouring from empty cups. What are the things that top your cup back up? Rest is really important of course, but it isn’t the only way in which we can keep our cups full. We need a variety of things that help us create room in our cups! Some evidence-based cup space creators are things like being able to have social support and connection, making sure we allow for some energy to go to things that bring us joy or humour, being able to accomplish something even if its small, and having a sense of meaning and purpose in our lives. I would love to hear from you about what things have filled your cup recently? It might have been completing an art project, or being able to help a friend on the phone, or even managing a shower.

I have just spent some time with my dog outside in the sunshine for five minutes staring at rabbits walking past, imagining what they would be thinking (Very random, I know, but I live rurally). It has definitely helped to fill up my cup a little today, and helped me stay connected to the present moment.

So please, feel free to share with me any moments you’ve had recently! I always love hearing from you all.

Nga mihi,


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