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Hi to all!

I am heading off to warmer climes for the winter and will be returning in September. Annabelle, our Health & Wellness Facilitator for the Western Bay of Plenty, will be the go-to person for any Eastern Bay of Plenty members while I am away. I will let the Lakes members know who they can contact before I go, but I hope to make it to you all in person before I head off.

We are planning to have a few meetings where outside presenters come in such as the Disability Resource Centre, who can share and discuss with you resources available in the area (E.g. Mobility cards, taxi cards etc) and with a bit of luck, a Physiotherapist or an Occupational Therapist will be able to attend one of our meetings and discuss how their teams can help, how to access them and also, how they can learn from you.

The monthly members meetings coming up are full of really useful information. May is focussing on Post-Exertional Malaise as a part of ME Awareness month, for June’s meeting we will have a guest speaker, July
covers brain fog, August talks about trauma and during September’s meeting, we will talk about activating the Vagal Nerve. I am definitely looking forward to learning more about all of these.

Take care as you go – Lots of kindness for yourself is needed. That isn’t just giving yourself things and treats, it is about feeling warmth for yourself, taking real care of yourself and feeling deep inside, kindness  towards yourself. Letting go forever that inner critic, that inner judge.

If you want to talk about the next steps in your wellness journey, or anything else, please reach out. Call, text or email, organise a zoom meeting or a telehealth meeting. Connection and support are key to healing and when you are ill, it is easy to hunker down, go into your shell and not reach out. Just do it! It would be great to touch base before I head off.

Have a great next few months and I will see you soon,



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