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Kia Ora and welcome from the mighty Waikato,

Where has the year gone. My goodness, it is November already and we know what that means. Ssshhhhh … Don’t speak the word, lets ignore it … maybe it will go away.

The end of our working year is fast approaching, along with our summer holidays; a time when family and friends gather. It really is a busy time of year and as much as this can be a fun time, it can also be a very stressful time for our community. Juggling your energy envelopes and resting schedules gets tricky at this time of year. So do take breaks, BREATHEEEE and do vagal exercises to keep the nervous system calm (See my blog).

So what has been happening lately? Tania, our National Facilitator and I have been back in the studio filming for our Supporters Workshop. This year we have been focusing our services to support your supporters more.

If you have any family or significant others in your life providing support to you, they may wish to become members too, to have access to the same information, newsletters etc and join a supporter’s online monthly meeting group. We support your supporters to support you the best way they can and also remind them to look after themselves too. We hope to have the Supporter’s Workshop go live by the start of next year, which follows along similar lines to the Towards Wellness Programme. Please be in touch if you want to know more.

Ka kite / See you again soon,


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