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Kia Ora to all our Wellington members,

I can’t believe I’m saying this but welcome to October! I know I say this every month, but this year is just going so so fast. I hope that September was kind to you all, and as we say goodbye to it, September has always felt like a month of transition with spring arriving with a mixture of vibrant colours of blooming flowers. As we bid goodbye to September and look forward to warmer days in October, I hope you are finding the time to enjoy the beauty of our surroundings and embrace the spirit of renewal that this season brings!

I want to say thanks for everyone who took the time to talk / e-mail / text / send a carrier pigeon this month, I always love catching up with you all. The month of September felt a little bit out of sorts for me, as I unfortunately missed all of our face-to-face social meetings due to sickness, so I’m really looking forward to October to connect with you all.
As I mentioned above, I had RSV last month and it got me good! I haven’t been this sick for a while. I had to really listen to my body, prioritise self-care and pace myself, even though it felt really hard to miss out on many of the things that bring me joy (Like our monthly social meetings). As always, I tried to focus on the glimmers (For any of you that haven’t heard me talking about glimmers yet, they are small, often overlooked moments that have the power to bring joy). Think of a glimmer as a tiny star in the vast night sky of our experiences. They may seem insignificant on their own, but when they are gathered together, they can create a beautiful constellation that help guides us through life’s journey. They may look like a smile from a stranger, or a warm cup of coffee, or if you have any pets …… Well they are also glimmers! Basically, moments of joy that we find in our ordinary lives 😊 The beautiful thing about glimmers is that they are all around us, all waiting to be discovered and noticed. So taking a moment to appreciate the small joys, acts of kindness, and moments of serenity and peace that surround you can really help when we are feeling down, or even when we are feeling good 😊

I encourage you all to seek out and embrace these glimmers in your life, let them be guiding lights filling your days with inspiration and hope when life feels challenging or overwhelming. As always, you all know I LOVE hearing about your glimmers, and some of you already send me photos or text about moments in time when you have experienced this. So keep them coming!!! As they also bring ME joy 😊

I leave you here with some photos of my glimmers. I hope you all have a wonderful month and I’m always here if you’d like to talk, if you need any resources or help with anything.

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