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Kia Ora and welcome from the Mighty Waikato!

As I write this today, the sun is shining but it is a mere 6°C outside. If you can shelter out of the little breeze blowing from the southwest, it is stunning. I noticed some blossoms starting to bloom yesterday which brings much anticipated hope that spring, and warmer weather, is not far away. Bring it on!!!

I am feeling so very disconnected from you all as it has been some time since I have been to any social group meetings. I do apologise for that. This virus is finally shifting and I am feeling more confident that I can be connecting and mingling among you all again soon. And that I do indeed look forward to!!!

This highlights the beauty of working from home, as I have been able to continue working. And yay for Zoom and video calling that provides other means of connection. I have a deeper respect for the sense of isolation you all experience and want to encourage any of you who haven’t yet opened up your world to Zoom, to give it a go. Social connection is so vitally important and the most difficult when living with a complex chronic illness. So, if your energy envelope enables you to manage some screen time, give it a go.

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