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Hello lovely WBOP members.

It’s been a pretty rainy start to spring, but once the clocks go forward, I hope and think that will be the start of the warmer months ahead.

Spring brings us to a time of reengagement. The blossoms encourage a feeling of wanting to engage more with life and be more open to the world around us.

We need to approach this in a loving, kind way. First by making sure that we are nourishing our bodies by looking at the food we eat. Asking ourselves “Are we eating a balanced diet that provides us with all the minerals and vitamins we need?” Then in a gentle way, beginning to add more movement and mobility to our daily lives. Gentle restorative movements and stretching. Lastly not forgetting those all-important rest breaks during the day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, or even adding another rest break late afternoon, to recharge the batteries and fill our tanks with fuel. By doing these few things we can re-engage with the world again on a better footing or foundation.

Enjoy this spring / summer feeling and till next time, keep taking care of yourself 😊

P.S. If you need advice on any of the strategies mentioned please contact your Health and Wellness Facilitator.

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