Hi everyone.  What a summer that was.  Already over, but I find autumn to be the best months, cool mornings, warm afternoons and cool nights for sleep.

For many the holiday and renewal they were hoping for was cut short – hope you got the rest and recovery time you needed. There is increased levels of anxiety throughout society, so put in place some soothing, calming and confidence-building practices. Autumn is time to stick to our wellness plans and perhaps focus on building immunity.   For many that means getting that vitamin D from the sun while it is here, lots of veges, herbs like echinacea, elderberry, and olive extract and quite a few are finding benefits from taking mushroom elixirs/powders such as turkey tail and reishi. I have found Lion’s mane to be good for clearing my head.

There are several online groups starting up … I was initially hesitant, no actually resistant to the idea of zoom meetings. I have found though over the last year that they are actually very very useful. You do not have to get dressed or drive anywhere, so that saves time and energy and money. You can talk or just listen, ideas and experiences are freely shared. The groups are varied and are growing.

There is a men’s group and group for young people, mums with children, people doing it on their own,  a towards wellness group and meditation group. With more to come.

This connection is really valuable, especially as our energy builds and social connection becomes a key step to improved health.   REally to good to start now and have a way to connect with people through the winter months.

So we will have some zoom training to help you get up to speed, feel comfortable and give it a go.  More on that soon.

Nga Mihi