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So much is happening so fast … it is already Easter.

My Grandkids are living with me and as the temperature shifts downward, they are picking up little bugs and things so taking care is needed. This is when I need to be very clear on my boundaries … And I find this hard with family.  But to protect myself, I need to say no more and set limits more coming into and during winter. I am getting better at that. How well are you at knowing what’s good for you, what’s not and saying no to protect that?  Remember, it may be good for another for you to do something, but is it good for you?  If not, time to negotiate a change in expectation. It is one of the big lessons many with a chronic illness have.  People forget we look better than we actually are, and they are used to us helping out even when it is hurting us to do so. They may not be fully aware of the cost to us of helping.

The Monthly Members meeting in April is on Listening to your body. Not just listening but following through on the messages sent. One sign for me is when I notice my coordination slip a bit, I might knock into things a bit more … That is a sign that I need to take extra care for a little.  We will also have some online meetings for Eastern Bay and Lakes … One coming up will explore the topic of trauma. During our last social group, Mandy had the book “The Body Keeps the Score” – An excellent book to read to get a sense of how old adverse events in your life have affected your nervous system and how they can be a large contributor to chronic illnesses of all sorts. The other book I recommend is “When the Body Says No” by Gabor Mate.  This refers to what was discussed above. Our ability to say no. Gabor’s comment on Chronic fatigue is – “What is your body saying no to that you are not?”

I look forward to chatting with you further on anything to do with helping you towards greater levels of wellness.  May we all continue to improve and sustain that improvement.

Nga mihi,


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